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Do you know Madame FAN?

Madame FAN, formerly known as FANFAN, has undertaken a remarkable metamorphosis to raise Chinese gourmet cuisine to new heights of excellence. After five successful years of existence for her Franco-Asian fusion restaurant in Paris, this distinguished visionary, proudly displaying her French identities while celebrating her Chinese origins, decided to reinvent her prestigious establishment. 


Inspired by the enchanting memories of her childhood in China and driven by a tireless passion for the culinary art, Madame FAN aspires to share the hidden delights of Chinese gastronomy with the demanding palates of the French capital. By drawing on its cultural and culinary heritage, it offers a unique sensory experience, where each dish tells a story, where each bite is an invitation to travel through the flavors and traditions of ancient China. Madame FAN is a gastronomic oasis where the refinement of Chinese tableware blends harmoniously with the sophisticated elegance of French cuisine.


Madame FAN's taste journey begins with the creation of the first sanctuary dedicated to Xiaolongbao in Paris, these delicious little bites of happiness that enchanted her childhood. But Madame FAN's ambition does not stop there. Building on her success in Paris, she extended her culinary influence beyond French borders, opening prestigious establishments in China and Thailand, where she continues to amaze diners with her creativity and exquisite know-how. 


Today, under the leadership of Madame FAN, formerly FANFAN, the restaurant emerges as a symbol of culinary excellence and cultural harmony, where passion for cuisine meets the elegance of hospitality. Every dish, every detail is carefully orchestrated to awaken the senses and delight the soul, providing diners with an unforgettable gastronomic experience that transcends borders and eras. Madame FAN, through her dedication and vision, has elevated Chinese cuisine to the level of art, transforming each meal into a celebration of life and culture.

Why Madame FAN

“Having spent the first 18 years of my life in Nanjing, China, I never imagined that I would become a restaurant owner.


My career in the restaurant industry began in my twenties in Paris, initially juggling a stable job in finance while managing a restaurant part-time. Eventually, I devoted myself fully to becoming an entrepreneur in the restaurant business. My first Huaiyang cuisine restaurant was located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, with a kitchen less than two square meters in size. I used to leave the restaurant feeling embarrassed about the smell of grease on me. When I opened a second branch, I finally overcame my inferiority complex, but decided to stop running a Chinese restaurant after arguing over details with Parisians unfamiliar with Chinese cuisine, feeling that this industry was discriminated against overseas.


In 2014, I returned to mainland China and established my first L'Arôme French fine dining restaurant, marking my pursuit of  higher level of culinary experience. By 2024, the tenth year of my entrepreneurship in the restaurant industry, I successfully operate ten restaurants in several cities across China, France, and Thailand, with employees from all over the world. The formats include French fine dining, all-day Western dining, and Asian-style izakayas. My passion for French cuisine has always made French gastronomy my main focus internationally. Both L’Arôme by the sea with its magnificent ocean view in Phuket, Thailand, and FANFAN in Paris with its Asian fusion French cuisine, made it onto the Michelin list in their first year of operation.


However, in 2024 I decided to change FANFAN to Madame FAN. As I approach 40, I want to fulfill a personal wish that has remained unfulfilled in recent years.


I have always been committed to exploring French dining, but I have also been exploring my culinary identity for a long time, often feeling lost between my Chinese roots and French cuisine. This reflection led me to reconsider Chinese culinary elements, combining my cultural background and culinary skills with new innovative directions. I decided to start again considering integrating Chinese culinary elements, combining my cultural background and my team’s culinary skills to explore new innovative paths.


The establishment of Madame FAN is my tribute to contemporary Chinese culinary art, not limited to the traditional definition of the eight major cuisines. My pursuit is to display 100% of the pure taste of Chinese cuisine through the presentation techniques of French cuisine, and to create 130% innovative expression. Chinese cuisine evokes a deep warmth and familiarity for Chinese people; for foreigners, it showcases the richness and depth of Chinese culture and history. Madame FAN aims to provide a unique sensory experience, where each dish tells a story, a perfect blend of exquisite Chinese dining culture and French culinary arts.


As for the values of L'Arôme, I believe in "freedom of spirit, staying true to our roots, being faithful to oneself and sincere in action." These principles guide not only my personal journey but also our collective pursuit as a team.”


QIU Yinhua, Founder & CEO of France Larome Group​

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