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The Chef's Table

LA TABLE DU CHEF in an elegant setting at Madame FAN


The Chef's Table can accommodate 8 to 12 privileged guests in our private room, who will follow the different stages of gourmet cuisine to experience a unique moment (Tasting Menu required for all guests). You can tell us your needs (seminar, birthday, special occasion, etc.) via the form below.


A deposit or bank imprint will be required to guarantee the reservation.

salle privée Madame FAN
salle privée Madame FAN

Private room

Discover exclusivity at Madame FAN with our private lounge. Perfect for all special occasions, whether it's a confidential meeting, a romantic date or an evening with friends, our lounge offers the privacy you need. Enjoy a reserved space where you can relax and have fun in complete peace. Book now for a unique and memorable experience at Madame FAN.

Salle privée Madame FAN

An intimate moment

Want to sign a contract, meet friends or spend an intimate moment with your partner? Discover the ideal option at Madame FAN: a private lounge. Enjoy your meal to the fullest, away from prying eyes. Book now !

Salle privée Madame FAN
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