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Gift card

Treat your loved ones by offering them a meal at Madame FAN. Let them be tempted by a gastronomic stopover in the heart of Paris? 

If you would like to personalize your gift voucher, 

do not hesitate to contact us by email.

The pleasure of giving

There is always an opportunity to please a loved one, there is no shortage of dates not to be missed: birthdays, Christmas, Mother's and Father's Days, without forgetting grandmothers and grandfathers... or simply for joy to offer.


An evening at the Madame FAN restaurant is a very nice gift, it allows us to bring together members of our family or friends around a table and offer them a moment of conviviality. 

Now treat your loved ones to a gourmet table at the best Chinese gourmet restaurant Madame FAN in Paris. Treat your guests to an incredible gastronomic experience.

Our Gift Cards, a nice surprise guaranteed!

Madame FAN le meilleur restaurant chic et élégant
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